Happy New Year- Year in Review and 2018 Preview


PictureOne of the year’s highlights was getting to hike in Cornwall. It is a beautiful place. I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season.  This is a short end of the year review, and a look at 2018.  It’s been fun and rewarding getting to write this past year for you.  As usual, I’ve bounced around many topics related to mental, physical, and spiritual health, but have been working primarily on my 3rd book, a comprehensive health philosophy: LIFE 3.0: Living Healthy, Living Free.  The book should be out by the end of the year.  The main premise of LIFE 3.0 is this:
Health is paradoxical because to truly be healthy and free, we must live by a story that makes sense, we must work hard, be disciplined, and have rules, and we must live in a community and commit to specific roles. 
I am EXTREMELY excited about LIFE 3.0 because it is based on the research I did over the last 20 years on mental health, community health, health in the workplace, and research and work in philosophy, fitness, culture, and metaphysics.  It will be a guidebook to living a good, happy, healthy, meaningful life in a world that seems to be fracturing and becoming more confusing by the day.  This will be a “magnum opus” of sorts as it will contain the wisdom I’ve acquired the last 20 years in my personal life as well as the 20 years of health research and study I’ve done in my spare time.
This will be the book I wish I had had when I was 20, the advice that no one ever gave me.
This is what else I’m working on:
I’ve been studying nutrition, farming practices, and learning more about homesteading.  I’ve also been preparing to become certified in nutritional counseling.  This year, I’ll be compiling a series of 52 blog posts into a concise book, called “52 Weeks of Eating Well.”  I’ll release these posts on my blog, but then by the end of the year I’ll be ready to compile them into a book.  Look for that book sometime in early 2019. 
Personal Life
I’ve been spending time with family and friends, dating, and getting involved in some leadership roles.  I am involved in helping at a church in several facets, and with a couple of nonprofits.  I’ve also been doing a fair amount of hunting, shooting, martial arts, mountain biking, tennis, and basketball. 
My training business is going very well, as I am at full capacity, and am offering clients general health and fitness, pain relief, health coaching, balance training, flexibility, weight loss, education, and sports performance, among other options.  I currently have a waiting list, but times open, so keep me in mind for referrals. 
I am doing more and more public speaking, and did about 10 appearances last year.  This year, one major goal I have is to add speaking as a revenue stream in my business.  When I was in college, like most young people, I hated speaking. Now, I love it.  I’ve gotten more comfortable with it, and I am extremely passionate about the topics.  My keynote speech is called: Movement & Meaning: How Exercise Can Change Your Mind, Your Body, & Your Spirit
Send me a message to book a speaking engagement.
Last year, I did a pilgrimage back to England and attended the CS Lewis Institute.  Over my life, I became more interested in philosophy, culture, and theology when I studied mental health, because at a certain point all psychology ends up there.  It was a natural progression and this event was excellent as it covered deeply how our stories affect our culture and worldview.  This year, I plan on attending the Acton Institute in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which is a symposium on economics and faith.  I’ll also be attending a sports medicine event in Atlanta.

  • I will be speaking at Orange Theory Fitness in Athens Saturday 1/20
  • I will be hosting the 3rd annual “Movement and Meaning” conference at the Capital City Country Club on 1/27, where I will be speaking and emceeing. 
  • I will be speaking to several other organizations in February. 

Thank you
Thank you again for a great 2017, and for your support and enthusiasm. I run into people all the time who read and enjoy what I write, so I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy this creative outlet, and getting to add value to your life in this way.
Have a great 2018!




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