It’s Easy To Lose Weight


One of the biggest con jobs ever concocted in the history of mankind is the back and forth about weight loss.  The con job: that you need a diet to lose weight. 

You don’t.  It’s easy to lose weight. 

After speaking with and helping 1000s of people with weight loss, reading 100s of books on nutrition, and trying all sorts of diets and eating plans myself, I can tell you without a doubt that “dieting” is a complete waste of time.  YOU WILL NEVER LOSE WEIGHT AND KEEP WEIGHT OFF BY DIETING. 

From now on, think “Die” when you think diet.  I would rather “die” than diet. 

The Grapefruit Diet, The Cabbage Soup Diet, The 8 hour diet, the liquid diet, the Sacred Heart diet,  Atkins, South Beach Diet, The Mediterranean Diet, The Zone diet, the Low-Carb diet, the “Cleanse” diet, the Glycemic diet, and the list goes on.

All of these “diets” can be summed up by this simple phrase: Eat less, and eat healthy food.

The key statement is this: the American diet is horrible, and full of processed food which is not good for you and makes it difficult to lose weight.

Yes, the French eat butter, bread, cheese, and wine, as well as some fried seafood, and pastries.  Guess what else? They walk a lot, eat only one significant large meal per day, and the heavier foods they eat are organic and made locally.  I was in France several times and I can tell you from experience that they don’t eat much, and so they don’t have a problem with obesity. 

Yes, the Russians drink a lot, the Greeks eat fried seafood, and the Argentinians eat a lot of red meat, but they don’t eat nearly as much overall as Americans do.  And they don’t eat processed food.

We all like to play games.  Games are fun.  I’ve done it, you’ve done it.  We can fake frustration, angle for pity, or pretend we’ve done all that can be done.  But the truth is that we’re playing games.

The BILLION dollar weight-loss industry is one big fun game.  We all get to play.

We get to play the game of weighting until the next fad diet arrives, or play the game of righteous indignation when the rest of the world wants to eat meat (and we’re better than that), or play the game of making fun of people who eat healthy, or we can play the binge eating game, or “low-carb” game.  Or better yet, we can blame family or friends when we can’t lose weight.  These are all complex games we’re playing here and we’ve invested time and money into these games.  It would hurt bad to walk away from the game.

Weight loss is a fun game that we can keep playing forever, and ever, and ever!

Heaven forbid if we stop playing the “dieting” game, then what game will we play next?  We’d have to find another game to play.  Maybe start a fight with our spouse, or yell at the TV.  Or if we lose weight and get in shape, they might not like us getting all uppity like that.  They might be intimidated by our changing.  They might not want us to change for the better.  So it’s easier just to keep playing the game.

If you want to lose weight, it’s easy.  You probably won’t do it, but it’s easy. 

You probably won’t do it because the game is so emotionally rewarding.  The weight loss game gives you the conflict you need to feel alive but that you rarely get in day to day life.  Subconsciously it’s meeting the need to play a game, so you don’t want to quit.   Plus, the whole system of advertising, diet books, and marketing is based around you playing along, so you want to be a “team player” and do your part.   

They’re making billions off of you, so please don’t quit!

If you want to lose weight, it’s easy.

1) Take out your phone, or computer, or buy a calorie tracking book.
2) Use the book, phone, or computer to track your calories and how many you burn exercising on a daily basis.
3) Adjust your intake so that you lose weight.

This method has NEVER failed.  EVER, in the entire history of mankind.  I know you’re special, but it will work for you too. 

So if you want to win this game, and move on to a different one, maybe even a real game that’s not made up in your head, please remember to follow these 3 steps.

But if you like the drama, and you want to keep playing the “die-t” game, by all means, carry on.

Losing weight is easy.  Losing weight is simple.  Being real, being true, and being honest are not.

If you’ve read this far, here’s a little tip to help you with the 3 steps:
Try fasting.  Most of us eat way too much at one sitting.  The stomach will shrink if you train it to.  Try skipping a meal 3 times per week.  With Easter around the corner, Lent is a great season of the year to try this.   Skipping a meal will shrink your stomach, and train you to be hungry while also decreasing your caloric intake for the day as long as you don’t binge at the next meal. 

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