No Politician Can Change Your Life


What we need in America is a personal revolution- mentally, spiritually, and physically. 

                Several years ago, back when President Barrack Obama was elected President of the United States, I looked on in amazement as people cried and sang songs, almost like the Berlin Wall had fallen.  Who could not blame Black Americans for being joyful, particularly the older ones who suffered indignities in the brutally segregated America of earlier times?  Rosa Parks is one of my own heroes so I was very happy for her generation to see this clear piece of evidence of progress in American society.

                Even Newt Gingrich, as partisan as a Republican as he is, conceded that it was a wonderful thing in 2008 for America to have an African American president, even if he disagreed with him on the issues.  I have no reason to doubt Barrack Obama is a decent person, doing what he thinks is right.  But I can remember arguing with one of the few men I know who voted for him, telling him “a political philosophy based around taking from some and giving to others is going to end up hurting everyone.  Real change only happens on the inside.”  Nothing has changed, and if anything things have gotten worse.  There are more people on welfare than ever and working class wages haven’t increased since the early 1970s.   The truth is that no matter who wins, no politician of either party can change your life.  Only you can change your life.

                I recently took a trip home to North Alabama to visit my family. Along the way, through the small cities and towns of North Georgia and North Alabama I saw only one sign along the road: TRUMP.  I fear the same thing may be happening again and rural voters may be placing all of their hope in him.  But the truth is this: Donald Trump, George W. Bush, Barrack Obama, Bernie Sanders, it doesn’t matter who wins.  If you think the President can change your life, you’re deluding yourself.  Muslims aren’t your enemy.  Republicans aren’t your enemy.  Illegal immigrants aren’t your enemy.  Rich people, or poor people aren’t your enemy.  Feminists or misogynists aren’t your enemy.  Your boss isn’t your enemy, or your wife or your husband.  Most of the time, you are your own enemy.

                I’m not telling you not to vote, but the truth is that politics don’t matter as much as you think.  Listen, I have no doubt both parties have people of integrity trying to do the right thing.  But they’re fighting an uphill battle because the political system is owned by special interests.  So we can chant, rally, hate, march, argue, and work ourselves up into a rage all we want, but a single politician or even a political party is never going to change anything on its own.   I’ve made the foolish mistake of believing this too many times myself. 

What we need in America is a personal revolution- mentally, spiritually, and physically. 

                Politicians lie.  That’s their job, apparently.  Cry me a river.  Trump says he is going to build a wall.  He’s probably lying.  He probably won’t, but I could be wrong.   The point is, I don’t obsess about what he will do or not.  I will vote, and I will support who is going to do what’s right for America, but I don’t expect any politician to change my life.  Trump may become the next president and turn out to be terrible, or he may end up being very popular. 

               Hillary may win and overrule her corporate overlords and radical backers and actually do something positive like her husband did.  Either may be a complete disaster.  Who knows?  More than likely, because of the enthusiasm surrounding his campaign, Trump is going to be the next President.  Regardless, it really doesn’t matter because real revolution doesn’t happen in a remote Washington, DC.  Without a change in character and values, there will NEVER be real change.   Real change happens in small towns and large cities all across the country, not in DC.

                The average American hasn’t been able to earn a simple return on savings in years.  There is no financial impetus to prepare for the future for 95% of Americans and 1/2 of Americans have no savings at all.  Why?  It’s simple.  Because for you, there may be no future of any kind, and guess what, nobody cares but you.  The sooner you accept that fact the better off you’ll be.  The revolution may be coming, but if it’s coming, it’s going to be on the inside of ordinary people, not at some silly rally for free college and free everything, or by watching Fox News and getting worked up on the internet. 

                Depression is at epidemic levels and the American people are being drugged into submission.  It’s better to have a populace drunk, depressed and medicated, or taking drugs, or addicted to porn, or shopping, or social media, than it is to have a population reading, thinking, and organizing.   Whatever you do, just don’t wake up.   There are now over 600 ailments on the growing list of official mental illnesses.  A generation ago, there were only 50 or 60.  There are a lot of people who are making a fortune off your addictions and “illnesses”, so please, please, please don’t wake up and start your own personal revolution.  If you wake up, this could cut back the monthly stock dividend or the return on investment! 

                The good news is that we still live in a relatively free society.  Where else would you want to live?  Opportunity is everywhere in this country!  This is still a great place to live and work. 

Here’s the bottom line:  Equally as powerful of a tool as the ability to organize against government tyranny is the ability to rule your own inner city like a wise and powerful ruler.  Real revolution starts with the man in the mirror.  You are the only ruler of your world. 

Quick questions for you to consider along the path to internal revolution:
Why am I eating this junk?
Why am I putting this in to my body when I know it will hurt me?
Why am I addicted to that? Why am I a slave to that? What do I really need to be happy?
Who is the real enemy? Could it be me?
What can I do to make things better, starting today?
Who is lying to me?  Who is playing games with me?
Am I lying to myself?
Who and what owns me? Or do I own myself?
Why do I have so much debt? Do I really need debt to be happy?
Why do I care what they think? Do they really love me and care about me?
What are my goals?
What is one simple thing I can do to become a better person?
Who are my real friends, who care about me and know me and love me for who I am?
What am I doing to give back, and to make my country a better place?
Why do I complain so much? Why do I pout, whine, or want other people to fix my problems?
Why do I never take any consistent action to make my life better?

A politician will never change your life.  Only you can do that. 

Change the way you THINK.
Change what you VALUE.
Change the way you OPERATE.   

Then, you can change the world.   Then WE can change the world.

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