The Sofa on Wheels- Driving and Obesity

One main reason America has an obesity epidemic is the sofa on wheels, better knows as the car.  Now I’m not completely bashing the car, I have one myself, two actually, and a motorcyle.  What I am pointing out about the car is that the USA invented the mass-produced car and built it’s entire modern […]

Fitness Words (or Phrases) You Should Know: The Talk Test

Last time we covered the Rating of Perceived Exertion. This brings me to another scientifically proven way to measure cardiovascular work and find an appropriate intensity- The Talk Test.  The Talk Test is a simple way to measure your intensity with cardiovascular exercise.  Even though any exercise is better than none, generally speaking more intensity […]

Fitness Words (or Phrases You Should Know) The 5 Zones of Cardio

The 5 Zones of Cardio Zone 1 – Rest (Sitting or Standing) Zone 2 – Easy Activity (walking, flat bicycling, could talk and do it at the same time) Zone 3 – Harder Activity (Challenge to talk conversationally) Zone 4 – Difficult Activity (fast jog, uphill or fast biking, could not talk) Zone 5 – […]

Fitness Words (or Phrases) You Should Know:  Rating of Perceived Exertion

Most studies show that the most benefits from cardiovascular exercise accrue at heart rates of 60-90% of maximum heart rate.  So there is a clear benefit to using a heart rate monitor during exercise.  Smartwatches like the Apple Watch have this built in.  Great news though if you don’t have access to a heart rate […]

Unlearning Learned Helplessness

I was out on a date with someone recently when she marveled at my ease in parallel parking.  Because she was younger than me, we were representing Generation X and Millennials respectively, she was accustomed to help from the now legally mandated back up camera installed in all new cars.  I never gave it much […]

Co-Creation: The Most Important Concept in the World

Co-creation is the most important concept I’ve ever learned.  In any endeavor, strive to co-create and you’ll never go wrong.  Materialistic Objectivism Some people believe that the world is nothing but a big bang, a random collection of molecules and atoms thrown together, and nothing more.  This is the materialist view of life, that we are “nothing […]

Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way

Modern people are not comfortable with hierarchy and authority, to our own detriment. Success requires both.  For good reason, authority in modern times has lost a good bit of its legitimacy. That being said, authority and hierarchy will always exist, it’s a basic fact of nature like rain or the night and day. It’s always […]

Oxygen and Mental Health

The brain is a muscle, an extremely complicated one, but a muscle nonetheless.  Muscles operate on oxygen.  If you exercise regularly, particularly with aerobic exercise, you’ll have more oxygen flowing to your brain muscle. You’ll function better mentally, have better memory, have less stress, depression, and anxiety. More aerobic fitness means more oxygen is flowing […]

The Role of Structure in Positive Change

If you want to improve or change in some area of your life, one of the most effective and powerful things you can do is alter your structure.  What this means is that we need to change the way we organize things, the structure or design, in order for change to happen automatically.  Automatic is the […]

Music, Complex Movement, and Memory

One powerful way to improve your brain’s memory, function, and to help slow down the aging of the brain is to play a musical instrument.  There are two important reasons why playing an instrument could be exponentially better than other “brain games”: 1) Physical- You are using your body, your eyes, hands, arms and fingers, […]

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