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We all know exercise is good for us, but “Movement & Meaning” tells the rest of the story.  It’s been described as “Lord of the Rings” meets a 21st century manual for stress management.  Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, athlete, or totally inactive and unmotivated, this book will forever change your mindset when it comes to being mentally healthy, happy, and strong, by teaching you how to use physical activity as an antidote to stress.

Times are tough, the world is changing, and Americans are increasingly struggling to cope. Movement can change your life from the inside out and this book could be the solution you need, a map to successfully navigate the world in front of you and strengthen your mind, body, and spirit for the tumultuous years to come.

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Work is not what it used to be. In our modern world, work isn’t valued and respected like it should be. Sadly, work seems to have lost much of its inherent meaning. The decline of work is a tragedy because to put it simply: work is a good and noble thing. There was a time when and if a person was working, he or she was likely happy, proud, and fulfilled. Work can be a noble and joyful pursuit, and it’s about much more than just making money.It’s time to put the good back into work. Healthy Work: Putting the Good Back into Work applies timeless and cutting-edge principles of healthy living to work, so the reader can learn to create health, meaning, and fulfillment through work. If you’re underemployed, unemployed, working but not motivated, or want to be as healthy as you can while working, then this is the book for you. It’s been called “Chicken Soup for the Soul meets Harvard Business School” and offers practical action steps for positive change including how to manage work stress, create a healthy work environment, and how to set and attain reasonable work goals.Drawing on years of philosophical and scientific research, personal experience, and applicable case studies, Healthy Work: Putting the Good Back into Work is a timely manifesto and “how-to” manual by the author, Scott Godwin, on how to create a healthy and joyful working life in a stressful and rapidly changing economy and culture. Put simply, this book could change your working life for the better, for good.

Tired of the Diet Treadmill?

Every time we turn around, there’s a new diet on the market.  This one we’re promised, is a revolutionary new way of eating.  Yet the more things change, the more they stay the same and year after year we struggle to eat right.  Contrary to the hype, eating well is not that complicated, but it’s also not easy.

After many years of helping people with nutrition and seeing the same mistakes made repeatedly, author Scott Godwin has formulated a simple and easy plan in 3.0 Nutrition: Eating Better Than Ever to change the way you eat for good.  

Included in this book are: 

•    The 3 simple steps of 3.0 Nutrition you need to “turn pro” with your eating.
•    The 5 Essential Categories of eating better than ever.   
•    More than 50 essays on permanently changing your eating habits.

Eating healthy should be simple and joyful, because it’s one of the best things in life.  Like many things though, eating can be good or bad for you, depending on how you handle it.  Change is never easy and it takes time to become a healthy eater.  The key is to have a simple philosophy that works, and that’s exactly what 3.0 Nutrition: Eating Better Than Ever is.  

Are you ready to “turn pro” and change the way you eat for good?

“This book, 3.0 Nutrition: Eating Better Than Ever, is a superb resource for patients like mine and the general public who want to learn more about how to eat better and manage their weight.  It provides many simple tips and has an easy-to-follow structure to improve your eating.   Read this book and make it part of your life!”   – Victor Corrigan MD FACC

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