3.0 Solutions is a health coaching program which does what healthcare should do but often doesn’t, which is help you stay healthy or improve your health, because this system is preventative in nature and it focuses on all parts of your lifestyle, which traditional healthcare doesn’t.  

The problem with modern healthcare is that it is focused on helping you once you become sick, but it’s not always good at helping you stay healthy. Healthcare practitioners analyze numbers and usually do a good job at what they do, but they rarely address factors outside the bureaucratic healthcare system, like your diet, movement patterns, balance issues, flexibility, conditioning, work ergonomics, posture, stress, muscular strength and endurance, lifestyle, community, and other factors which all have a big impact. All of these things and more will be covered in the 3.0 Solutions program.  

To sum it up, Health Coaching with the 3.0 Solutions program involves assessing and improving:

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