Endorsements for Scott Godwin

“Scott Godwin epitomizes servant leadership. I observe this in the way he works with his clients, in his seminars, and in his volunteer work.  Scott serves others, then he leads them to fitness and a better life!”

-Dr. Tim Irwin, Ph.D., Organizational Psychologist, Business Leadership Expert, Author, and Fox News Contributor

“Scott Godwin knows how to apply the Olympic Ideals of vision, focus, persistence, dedication, and discipline to all aspects of a healthy lifestyle.  Scott’s expertise, knowledge, delivery, and recommendations, especially in regards to the relationship between mental and physical fitness are among the best in his field.  I highly recommend Scott!

-Cynthia Potter, US Olympic diving medalist, NBC Olympic and international diving commentator, 3-time US Olympianpioneer in women’s athletics

“I have followed Scott’s career as he developed his skillset in two highly acclaimed labs- Auburn University and Georgia State University, extending his expertise in several areas, attaining several American College of Sports Medicine certifications, as well as completing graduate courses in anatomy (at a level comparable to medical students), physiology and biomechanics. Exemplifying his in-depth knowledge on the integrative effects of physical activity on  cognitive function, he recently gave a comprehensive and impressive presentation in this his area of expertise at the University of Pennsylvania. If you have a chance to work with Scott, I would take it.”

-Dr. Roddy O’ Connor, Ph.D., Associate Research Scientist, Stem Cell and Muscle Cell Development, University of Pennsylvania Medical School

“Scott has always impressed me with his outstanding appreciation of exercise’s effects on both mental and physical well-being.  He is truly a life long learner and dedicated to the life enhancement of each individual client, regardless of their current fitness level. He has been a great partner in my practice, taking clients to the next level in their recovery.”

– Dr. Jason Reiss, DPT, Director, The Sports Rehab Center, Atlanta, GA

-Coaching Endorsement from Kyle, 43, from Madison, Alabama

“As the father to a toddler and a 5-month old I found myself overwhelmed and with plenty of excuses to not take care of myself. I knew I needed to address this lack of activity in my life. It was about this time that Scott released his book, Movement and Meaning. Hoping to find some motivation inside, I decided to read the book. I soon discovered that the mental/emotional benefits to being active were just as, if not more, important than the physical benefits.

This provided the spark I needed and I was quickly back to regular exercise again (weights, swimming, yoga) and feeling so much better. Feeling better, I soon found myself with the energy to pursue interests I’ve had for years, but wasn’t exactly sure where to start. So when I noticed that Scott was offering consulting/coaching I decided that an experienced/outside assessment into my situation could be very beneficial.

Not living local to Scott, we coordinated a phone call. This initial phone call involved Scott asking me detailed questions regarding what I value, where/what I’m currently spending my time on, and what I want out of life…and what I want to change or feel like needs to change. After a detailed discussion answering Scott’s questions the phone call was concluded.

Days later Scott delivered a document to me that included:

* A recap/outline of our recent conversation
* List of my values and instructions/suggestions on how to ensure my time and energy is being spent on said values
* Useful insight on how to develop new/more productive habits in my life that revolve around my values

Though challenging, I found Scott’s assessment and recommendations to be very positive, encouraging, and insightful.”  –Kyle

Professional Endorsements

” Scott is a highly skilled and consumate professional. He is totally committed to the health and wellbeing of his clients. I have known him for many years and he is one of the best trainers and motivators that I know. “

– Bill Jackson, Director, Recreation Programs, Campus Recreation​, Auburn University  

Scott is an expert in exercise science and highly motivating.”

– Trey Kelly, Insurance Consultant, Association Executive, Chairman of Fulton County Republican Party

“Having Scott as my trainer was the best money I could havespent. It made me feel great and he is delightful company. Hedoesn’t waste time and I know my health and fitness is his top priority.”

– Sister Moore, Atlanta, GA, Community Leader  

“Scott has many areas of focus and can scale his approach to the specific needs of each individual. I can certainly recommend him without reservation.”

– James Worrell, CEO at Consulariate Advisors, LLC  

“I met Scott through mutual friends and realized quickly he wasjust the expert I needed to help me meet my fitness and healthgoals. He is smart and thoughtful in his approach to designing a personal regimen and he helped me get in the best shape of my adulthood.”

Julie C. Smith, government and external affairs executive  
“Scott is the best personal trainer I have ever worked with. His overall knowledge of fitness and understanding of the science behind it is unsurpassed. To say that I can see and feel theresults of Scott’s work is important to me. He is not only a great leader in fitness but a very pleasant person to be associated with.”

-Patrick Shippey, Ph Wine Merchants
“Scott is a wonderful person and a dedicated professional. He is extremely conscientious in his work and committed to helping you achieve your goals and to keeping you healthy. He is a pleasure to know and work with and I recommend him without reservation.”

-William B. Reeves, Partner, Spencer Stuart  

“Scott works hard at changing his style to meet his client’s needs. He is an Expert in human health and I would recommend him to anyone.” 

-Kevin Woods, Managing Partner, CIO

“Scott is a perfectionist and extremely knowledgeable. He provided me with fantastic results and I would recommend him to anyone.” 

Lance Walman, Partner and Co-Founder, MedSupply Partners

“I initially hired Scott to get me in great shape for my wedding, butcontinued to go to him afterward because of how much I enjoyedworking with him. He is extremely professional and effective. I highly recommend his work.”

​ –Elizabeth Satterfield, PMP, ALPM, Director of Legal Project Management at Proskauer Rose LLP

“Scott is a knowledgeable and personable professional. His level of knowledge is incredible and he continuously strives to learn more. He tailors his workouts and goals to your specific needs and desired results. He is at the top of his profession and I recommend him highly.”  

– Bill Selvey, President and CEO, William Laine, Inc.

“Scott is very competent, thorough and a true professional. Hereally cares about his clients and works hard to see that theyexceed their goals. I would highly recommend Scott to anyone who wants more for their fitness and general health.” 

– Bob Covington, EVP at Tommy Jallow & Associates

“Scott Godwin is a true professional in his field. His knowledgelevel is impressive and he leads his business by setting a strongexample. I have trusted Scott with many of my friends andcontacts and all have had an excellent experience. Scott has a grand picture understanding of health awareness and what it takes to get past sticking points and see lasting change.”  

-Etan Levine, Etan Levine real estate  

“Scott is an excellent trainer who has helped me over the years regain limb flexibility (due to MS/aggressive treatments) and helps continue to maintain muscle tone and strength. Great personality and motivator! -Syl Harris, Retired Advertising Executive
 Scott is one of the most knowledgeable individuals I know in the fitness field. He is extremely professional and has a great attitude!” 

-Lacy Beauchamp, Senior Paralegal at Marriott International, Inc.

“I have been a client of Scott’s for the past six years. Scott has gotten my into great shape and keeps me motivated. He consistently comes up with new ideas to keep things fresh. He is always pushing ahead in new areas of training. Not only is Scott a great trainer he is also a great person. He is a selfless volunteer for many causes outside of his work. I highly recommend Scott!”

​- Jodi Selvey, Office Broker Leasing Professional Representing Occupiers

Endorsements for ‘Movement & Meaning’ by Scott Godwin

“Movement and Meaning will forever change your outlook on the crucial nature of exercise in dealing with stress and building mental strength in the modern world.”

–    Tim Irwin, Ph.D. 
Organizational Psychologist
Best Selling Author of IMPACT: Great Leadership Changes Everything

“Stress is the silent killer of mental and physical health. In “Movement and Meaning” Scott offers a powerful and practical prescription for conquering stress, living longer and stronger, and enjoying each day of life to the max!”

–    Steve Franklin, Ph. D., Business Leader & Entrepreneur, Former Associate Dean of the Goizueta Business School at Emory University, Bestselling Author of Celebrate 100: Centenarian Secrets to Success in Business and Life

“This book will give you a prescriptive approach about how you can use fitness and exercise to improve your life in ways you didn’t think were possible.  Scott will redefine for you the meaning of “success”, walk you through the history of fitness – from fad to what really works – and share the hidden benefits of exercise that could change your life forever!”

–    Frank A. Argenbright, Jr., Chairman and CEO, SecurAmerica

“Scott has admirably researched and tackled a subject of great importance to society. His insights and recommendations in this book on how to manage stress through exercise are spot on and very timely – well done!” 

–    Dr. Ben Johnson, Chairman of the Department of Physical Education and Exercise Science, Brooklyn College of NYC, Former Director of the KSU Global Center for Social Change, International Academy for Disability Rights, International Academy for Women’s Leadership and Sport for Health, Development and Peace, and the GSU Biomechanics and Ergonomics Laboratory.

“Scott Godwin delivers a challenging book that will inspire and motivate in a surprising way.  With passion, conviction, and a wealth of knowledge of the backdrop of exercise within the context of history, industry, culture, anatomy and more, he skillfully illuminates in Movement and Meaning the essential value of exercise and its positive impact on fitness, health and well-being.  

Bottom line takeaway:  We need to get moving and we need to do it now.  No excuses!”  

–    Penny Rue, MSW
Clinical Social Worker and Community Volunteer   

“Scott Godwin enthusiastically and uniquely reminds us in his book “Movement and Meaning” why it’s more crucial than ever to remain active in body and mind.”

–    Mike Eskew, Former Chairman and CEO, UPS

Foreword for ‘Healthy Work’ by Scott Godwin

As someone who at 73 is asked almost daily by friends “When are you going to stop working?” my answer is “I don’t know”. I honestly don’t know because my wife (who works with me) and I rarely think about it, since our work is such an enjoyable part of our life. Working and contributing is part of who we are and what we’re all about.

Scott Godwin’s book Healthy Work identifies how all people of all backgrounds and education levels, even in the latter stage of their life, can find work a healthy and rewarding endeavor. We feel so rewarded when we help a client work through a complex, difficult situation and when we see a project through to the end. It provides my wife and me a meaningful purpose. There is an irreplaceable feeling of satisfaction in getting the job done right and doing the best we can every time.

Yes, work can most certainly be both healthy and fun at the same time and it’s a joyful thing when approached the right way. This superb book will show you how to get there in your own working life.

I couldn’t recommend more to study this book carefully and re-read it again and again, using it as a lifetime guide to find Healthy Work in your life.

Marion Glover, CFP
Glover Capital
About Marion Glover

Prior to founding Glover Capital, Mr. Glover worked for more than fourteen years for The Coca-Cola Company, where he attained the positions of Vice President of Corporate Strategic Planning and Vice President of Corporate Financial Planning and Information Systems. Mr. Glover has also served as President of Edwards Baking Company and President of Peterson Companies. He has a Securities Principal license and is a Dean’s list graduate of Georgia Tech where he is a trustee emeritus of the Georgia Tech Foundation, earned an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and was the recipient of a J. Spencer Love Fellowship.

Foreword for ‘3.0 Nutrition: Eating Better than Ever’ by Scott Godwin 
by Victor Corrigan MD FACC

    I have practiced Cardiovascular Medicine in a busy Metropolitan setting, Atlanta, for over 30 years and not a day goes by in which a patient does not ask me- “What is a healthy diet?”  The question is of upmost importance.  Scott Godwin’s book “3.0 Nutrition: Eating Better Than Ever”  answers that question and more, providing an accessible overview of healthy eating  and nutrition. 

    There is a serious epidemic of obesity in the USA. According to the CDC,  more than 72 million U.S. adults are obese.   Diet and weight are a contributing factor for many health problems, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes and some types of cancer.  Persons who are obese have medical costs which are $1, 429 higher than those of normal weight. No state has an obesity rate less than 15%, the national goal.  We have a public health crisis and we need to do better.  

    This book, 3.0 Nutrition: Eating Better Than Ever, is a superb resource for patients like mine and the general public who want to learn more about how to eat better and manage their weight.  It provides many simple tips and has an easy structure to follow to improve your eating.
    Eating right is integral to a healthy life and that’s why I fully endorse this timely work.  It is readable, easy to understand and apply, based on scientific data and the author’s years of experience, and most importantly, it’s full of tried-and-true habits which could change the way you eat for good.  

    Read this book and make it part of your life!
Victor E. Corrigan MD FACC
Piedmont Heart Institute
Atlanta, Georgia

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